Our philosophy centers on a coordinated team approach, offering a variety of methods for comfort and care to patients. Willow’s holistic approach include medical care assistance, social services, therapy, bereavement and spiritual counseling, which are available to both the patient and their families.

Willow’s patient-centered approach is based on years of experience supervising patient’s in home-health and hospice care. The founders include physicians, physical therapists, lawyers, and CPAs all with a common goal of providing the best possible care and support for patients and families as they recover from an illness, hospitalization, or enter into hospice care.

The Willow founders understand that while these events focus on the patient, the patient’s family is integral to the patients’ recovery. Our care provides peace of mind and comfort while preserving the patient’s dignity and independence during the terminal phases of life.

Our mission is to provide care centered on each patient’s specific needs and abilities. Willow staff demonstrates empathy, kindness, respect, and compassion by providing the highest level of care for our patients’ needs.

At Willow, care is our core.

Our care is designed to help patients:

  •  Take control of their treatment
  •  Make changes that may prevent future declines in their health
  •  Learn about their condition and manage their medications
  •  Improve safety at home
  •  Prevent future hospital visits


Dr. Vishnu Mathur,
Medical Doctor

Dr. Vishnu Mathur, MD, joins Willow bringing over 50 years of experience in medicine and hospital administration. After medical school, Dr. Mathur practiced surgical medicine in five different states in increasingly senior roles before joining hospital administration. Most recently, he was the Chairman of the Credential Committee at Fransiscan St. Margeret Hospital in Hammond, IN. Dr. Mathur’s hospital leadership experience includes chairing three departments of surgeries, chairing two hospital credential committees, and being President of a hospital.

Perhaps the most important leadership roles Dr. Mathur has held are Chief Surgical Resident and President of the Medical Staff. These two roles, at very different points in his medical career, are peer-elected positions, so it is especially meaningful to Dr. Mathur to be selected for these roles. This wide experience in different roles and different kinds of hospitals means Dr. Mathur can navigate health systems and complex care situations easily. His generalist experience means he has worked on an incredible variety of cases and seen many different patient outcomes. His expertise and depth of knowledge are invaluable to Willow, and its patients.

Eric Zelazny,
J.D., CPA, President

Eric Zelazny has over twenty years of experience working with businesses of all sizes. As a CPA and an attorney specializing in bankruptcy, he has successfully guided many businesses through their most turbulent chapters on to a clearer future. Mr. Zelazny focuses on getting the best possible outcome for each client, which begins with the first client meeting. He understands that each client’s needs are different, and that the desired outcome varies from business to business. At each turn in the process, Mr. Zelazny works to keep the client informed of their options and help them make wise decisions.

Mr. Zelazny’s work with small businesses has been a long-time education in how business decisions impact families. He views the Willow mission as similar to his law practice: leading clients through a difficult time to a peaceful resolution, supporting them the whole way through. Mr. Zelazny’s tailored approach to client relationships makes for a perfect fit for Willow, because he already understands that each patient and family handles decisions differently.